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•   2016 ANB presentation

•  Marcelo Almeida AEFCA Oct 2015 presentation

•  3 amazing facts about player development in Icelandic football

•  Rule or be Ruled... Posted on Game Changers (

•  Cristiano Ronaldo ... "You have to be ambitious; you can never say you’ve won it all”

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•  Soccer Injury Prevention and Treatment: A Guide to Optimal Performance for Players, Parents, and Coaches

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•  The Courage to Be Patient   

•  Football culture: Who are you? Warrior or tika taka technician?

•  Youth Soccer News: How Do We Measure Success in Youth Soccer?  

•  Heat Illness: How to recognize it in young athletes  

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•  AEFCA 32nd Symposium  

•  I'm a romantic, says Xavi, heartbeat of Barcelona and Spain  

•  Listen to a podcast with ANB Academy Director Bassam Naim on Canadian Soccer News,
    hosted by the founder and editor of Canadian Soccer News, Ben Rycroft.

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•  Cracking Coaching's Final Frontier   

•  The House that Built Barca  

•  For Children in Sports, a Breaking Point

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•  Colin Jose inducted into Canada's Soccer Hall of Fame  

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•  Parents Education for GAME DAY  

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•  Confident players play better soccer  

•  The Talent without the Mindset  

•  Youth Soccer in Amerca  

•  How Do We Measure Success in Youth Soccer   

•  Give us Back our Game  

•  Little Wars  

•  The Answer to Youth Futbol is 4 v 4  

•  KINS - Kicking is not Soccer  

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