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Successful soccer player performance whether on the professional or amateur level depends on a variety of factors that are equally important one of them being the psychological factor. Please see below the different mental skills that can affect performance:

•   Mental toughness
•   Preparation
•   Motivation
•   Attitude
•   Focus

Mental toughness

Is the player strong enough mentally to handle the pressure of the game?

•   The game itself
•   The competition
•   The coach’s demand
•   The teammates
•   The opponents
•   The crowd
•   The field condition
•   Off the field issues


Preparation for competition is a key factor in performance.

•   Does the athlete follow the pre-game preparation
•   Are his/her diet habits proper
•   Is the athlete capable of self motivation before and during the game
•   Is the athlete disciplined enough to follow directives


Players are motivated in different ways; please see below the following list that can be a motivational factor:

•   Love for the game on the amateur level
•   University scholarship on the amateur level
•   Money on the pro level
•   Fame on all levels
•   Fan support on the pro level


Does the player have the athletic attitude to handle the pressure of the game?

•   Ability to take direction in training and during games
•   Personal behavior on and off the field
•   Reaction to confrontational event on and off the game
•   Interaction with the coach, teammates, referees and opponents
•   Interaction with the media and fan on the pro level


Is the player able to focus for the full duration of the game or training and if the focus is lost, is the player capable of bringing back that focus?
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