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futbol etiquette ::

ANB's Futbol Etiquette is based on the FIFA “golden rules” summarized in the general guidelines of futbol's international governing body, the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

Play to win --
What makes futbol exciting is every player giving his or her best on the field. Never give up against strong opponents or let up against weaker ones. When you give 100 percent, you are honouring your team, the fans, and yourself.

Play fair --
Futbol is only a game. Losing a fair match should be more fun than winning by cheating.

Observe the laws of the game --
The rules of soccer are easy to learn and understanding them will make you a better player. Remember the rules were created to make the game fun to play and fun to watch. If you receive a penalty don’t take it personally. Ultimately, the rules were created to make the game more enjoyable, fair and safe.

Respect opponents, teammates, referees, officials and spectators --
Treat your opponents the way you would like to be treated. Remember: everyone is out to have fun. When an opponent falls, don’t be afraid to help him or her up. Respect your teammates. They are your colleagues. No matter how good individual players are, team cohesion wins games. The referee is there to ensure fair play and maintain order. Nobody is perfect, so accept his or her decisions without arguing. Ultimately, it encourages fair play. Spectators bring the game energy and atmosphere. They want to see the game played fairly, with an honest effort.

Accept defeat with dignity --
Never make excuses for losing. Congratulate the winners, and don’t blame anyone for the loss. A loss should be used as a constructive tool and allow a team to improve.

Promote the interests of futbol --
As the world’s most popular game, futbol depends on its players and fans to promote its image. People enjoy the game because it is fun, good exercise and exciting. Do your part to keep it that way by encouraging others to play.

Reject corruption, drugs, racism, violence and other dangers to the sport.

Cheating has no place in futbol. Success by any other means than fair and honest hard work just isn’t satisfying. Futbol is a natural instrument to bring people of all types and colors together. Rallying around the sport can help people look past their differences to appreciate the things that we all share.

Help others to resist corrupting pressures --
Winners never cheat and cheaters never win. Remind them that whenever the playing field isn’t level, the entire sport suffers. The urge to cheat can be a strong temptation, but victory through cheating just isn’t as sweet as victory through pure hard work and dedication.

Denounce those who attempt to discredit the sport --
Exposing dishonesty takes courage. Futbol suffers when dishonest play or off the field behaviour is tolerated.

Honour those who defend futbol's good reputation --
Futbol is flourishing today because so many people care about it and work to promote fair and honest play. Recognize these people and don’t hesitate to make their dedication public.

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