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College Centre Program
With less than 20% of all youth soccer organizations providing families any meaningful guidance or support when it comes to post-secondary school readiness, ANB Futbol is making a difference. ANB Futbol is preparing to launch their "Members Only College Connection Center" to ensure their players are prepared on and off the field.

"Helping players make a university connection should be a priority to every youth soccer organization. While organizations talk about helping kids, we are making sure our student athletes have everything they need academically and athletically so they will be successful on and off the field", said Bassam Naim, Technical Director of ANB Futbol.

Since its inception, ANB Futbol has been helping players navigate the university maze and, ensuring players who are accepted in university, are successful in university and beyond. "When it comes to university readiness, there is no-one better to help us implement a proven approach like The Sport Source®. They wrote the book long before anyone was interested in helping kids make a university connection," added Bassam.

The ANB Futbol "Members Only College Connection Center" gives players immediate access to 5,800 two and four year post-secondary institutions in the United States and Canada, including a network of 5,000 university coaches live online, so ANB Futbol players can tell their story and get the attention they deserve.

In addition to the extensive network of soccer coaches live online, ANB Futbol players have unlimited access to FREE practice PSAT - SAT - ACT tests, advisors, grades 9 to 12 timelines, scholarships and financial aid information, along with a video library filled with tips and advice from coaches, players and other industry professionals and so much more.

ANB Futbol's vision is to become Canada's leading soccer development organization. Its mission is to identify Canadian soccer talent, and to maximize the potential of players at any level, through professional coaching and training. ANB Futbol is a proud founding member of Soccer Academy Alliance Canada ( & supports its activities to promote the development of soccer in Canada.

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