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futbol tours and showcase events ::

The objective of ANB Futbol tours and events is to showcase our athletes on both national and international platforms. This includes events such as Scholarship Showcases, International trips and Professional tryouts with club teams.

European trips have included:

•  Barcelona, Spain
•  Foyle Cup, Ireland
•  Normandy, France ( Le Havre | Caen FC | Yerville Regional Centre )
•  Paris, France ( PSG Friendlies | Troyes Trials)
•  London, England
•  Rome, Italy
•  Verona, Italy
•  Milan, Italy
•  San Marino, Italy
•  Keele Cup, England
•  North London, England
•  Sheffield, England

United States trips have included:

•  Great Lakes Alliance Friendlies, Pennsylvania
•  Cincinnati, Ohio
•  New Jersey
•  Greensboro, North Carolina
•  Detroit, Michigan
•  Indianapolis, Indiana
•  Delaware
•  The Crossroads, Carmel IN
•  Rochester, New York
•  Washington, Maryland
•  Kalamazoo, Michigan

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