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Tactic is a plan or a strategy to beat an opponent.

What are the types of tactics in soccer?

•   Individual Tactic
•   Small Group Tactic
•   Team Tactic
•   General Tactic

ANB Futbol will highlight the requirements for the four types of tactics:

•   Individual tactic is using specific player strength whether technical, physical or mental to surprise the opponent either on the attack or on defense

•    Small group tactic is when specific requirements or instructions are given for the defensive line, midfield line or attacking line and/or can be given as well for the right side or left or middle group of players

•   Team tactic, involves different formation i.e.: 4-4-2 or 3-5-2, depends as well on the opponent strengths or weaknesses and/or the players abilities to adapt to a specific system of play

•   General tactic is when dealing with weather scenario, field condition, the crowd, injuries, altitude, fatigue and playing away from home
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