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modern player -- social factors ::

Important Social Factors that play a role development of the modern soccer player are:

•   family
•   education
•   friends


Family provides the following:

•   Support (Emotional/unconditional love, mental and financial)
•   Shelter and identity
•   Home education (self respect, respecting others, manners)
•   Principles and traditions
•   Guidance
•   Discipline
•   Stability


Education provides the following:

•   Ability to think and make proper decisions
•   Discipline, self respect and respecting others (students and teachers)
•   Team work and time management
•   Knowledge, understanding and tolerance
•   Direction
•   Personality development


Friends provide the following:

•   Support (mental and physical)
•   Influence (positive and negative)
•   Fun (positive and negative)
•   Sense of belonging
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