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ANB Futbol Academy reaches the Dominican Republic

January 1, 2011 (RELEASE) --

Christmas came a week early for 300 young Dominican soccer players. Through the generosity of the Toronto-based ANB Futbol Academy members and Scotiabank, hundreds of gently used uniforms and soccer equipment were distributed to two soccer clubs in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. The clubs represent the some of the most underprivileged players of the Spanish-speaking Caribbean nation.

“Centro del Talentos del Fútbol infantil de la Zona Oriental (CT-FINZO)” and “Club Dominguito” held their annual Christmas celebrations last weekend. To help celebrate the event, Marcelo Almeida (ex-Scotiabanker and coach of ANB Futbol Academy) contacted Dinardo “Lalo” Rodriguez (former Dominican national team player) to request that the uniforms be distributed to the players as an early Christmas gift. Using its international presence and strong relationship, Scotiabank in Toronto (Roy Rodriguez, Sr. Mgr., Philanthropy) and in the Dominican Republic (Irma Marte, Sr. Mgr., Marketing), ensured 13 boxes full of soccer supplies were safely delivered to those most in need.

“ En nombre del fútbol infantil de la Republica Dominicana, y en especial del que practican los niños del Club Dominguito y CT-FINZO, agradecemos la confianza depositada en nosotros por estas instituciones” dijo Lalo Rodríguez , en momento en que resaltó que “ los cientos de uniformes que hemos recibido y entregado, están en las manos de niños de escasos recursos que valoran como la prenda más preciosa cada uno de estos artículos recibidos”.

Translation:- “In the name of Dominican youth soccer, and especially the young players who train at Club Dominguito and CT-FINZO, we truly appreciate the trust placed by these companies,” said Lalo Rodriguez, who continued, “the hundreds of uniforms that we have received and handed out are in the hands of needy young boys, who value each article as the most priceless gift they have received this year.”

“We anticipate making this a yearly event and plans are already underway to collect used soccer clothing so that another delivery can be made in 2011. Thanks to Scotiabank for making this possible as well as to Lalo and Pascascio, true ambassadors of the beautiful game in the Dominican Republic. ” says Marcelo Almeida. As a side note, the President of Club Dominguito has instructed all players to wear their new uniforms starting at their next training session.

Please contact for information on the collection of used soccer equipment and further distribution.

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